Montclair Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day 2021

The holiday season is coming up and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Since it is a judge-free zone if you feel that you don’t want to cook that day then let someone else take care of that special meal. We’ve rounded up a list of Montclair restaurants open for Thanksgiving Day.

Disclaimer: If you know of another restaurant that should be on this list, please email with its name, hours, and special menu (if applicable).

montclair restaurants open thanksgiving 2021

MishMish Cafe | 631 1/2 Valley Road

Hours: N/A – 1PM

Special Menu: Mediterranean turkey dinner, Juliet’s mussakah, poached salmon holiday tray, olive and rosemary focaccia, milk buns, challah, majadra style rice, mushroom, and spinach quiche, cheese borekas, and chocolate rogalach.

Sal’s Gastro | 104 Walnut Street

Hours: 9AM – 1:30PM

Sweet Kitchen | 533  Bloomfield Avenue

Hours: 7AM – 5PM

Zeugma Grill | 44 S Park Street

Hours: 3PM – 9PM

Special Menu: Zeugma is offering a whole lamb rock with winter veggies, chestnut rice, homemade pita bread, shepherds salad, muhumarra, and truffle mousse.

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